Jan Pomeroy mixed media artist

Jan with Fire of God paintingBio
Jan is a mixed media and fiber artist who lives in Austin Texas. She previously lived in  the Southwest for over 30 years. She has worked in various mediums over the 30 years as an artist. She has apprenticed under Phil Lauer to learn Cloisonné enameling and Helene Rumpel to learn fine art stitchery. She has taken various painting workshops and classes from oils to mixed media and sculpture from clay to wood to casting.  She enjoys the tactile beauty of nature so her mixed media art that she currently works on reflects that.
What she says of her art “doing art is therapy for me and also I feel God speaking to me and leading me with the pieces. Sometimes people need to feel true peace within themselves in this crazy world to maintain a sane life. I feel God’s peace when I do art-it’s like co-creating with Him. My hope is that my art will give a sense of peace and hope to people. That it would also inspire them to fulfill their destiny or at least have them consider that they have a destiny that goes beyond what they can possibly imagine or see and let them know that they are not alone but that God is watching over them and does care about every part of their life. ”

Reviews by Clients

“I’ve had a piece by Jan hanging in my breakfast nook for several years. I enjoy seeing it every day and have had compliments on it from other artists. Jan’s work is peaceful and interesting; she uses good artistic principles in her creations for great results.” Lori Behr Austin TX

“I took a piece of paper to her, and she turned it into a beautiful piece of art that can be admired for years to come. I am using it for a wedding gift.” Gina Ayers Austin, TX

“Jan did a beautiful waterfall piece that I just loved. The colors of the blues were just awesome. Thank you Jan!” Mike Young Austin, TX

“Jan is a mixed media artist that has been with the Travis Heights Art Trail in Austin Texas for four years. I enjoy working with her for her professionalism and the beauty of her art. She has been a great addition to our art show!”  Charlotte Bell director

“I’m familar with Jan’s beautiful multi-media work during the past several years. It’s mostly decorative, but has also included the thought provoking in a visionary sort of way. I’ve bought several pieces, and I look forward to what she has to offer in the future. I highly recommend you take a look at her work, especially live.”  Dwayne Jungman Austin, TX

Reviews Art Workshops

“I highly recommend Jan’s Mixed Media workshops. They are great fun and you learn lots of new techniques. With Jan’s very positive approach and the way she demonstrates the techniques and help when you need it, I couldn’t help but create something I loved. ”
Brenda Posh Page, TX
“I highly recommend Jan’s Mixed Media class. I learned so much. I feel 20 years younger & I am inspired to create more art. Thank you Jan!!” Amy Kuhn Austin, TX
“Hi Jan,
I want to thank you for such a highly enjoyable and enlightening mixed media workshop.
Hugely inspirational!
I wish you much success as you build that side of your work. I would like to attend another at some point. Glad we met. With best wishes” Louise Dearden Austin, TX